Quiz: Can a Woman Be Trained Like a Dog?

Movie: Human Dog Show
Producer: Sadistic Village (2011)

Reporter Kurumi visits a struggling rehabilitation program for juvenile delinquents. Each teenager is given his own dog to train, thereby helping both the dog and the trainer learn good behavior. Unfortunately, the program is one dog short.

The program manager begs Kurumi to help out. Her lean and muscular body is perfect to fill the empty slot. “Could you be this young man’s dog, for just one hour?” Continue reading “Quiz: Can a Woman Be Trained Like a Dog?”

“Japan’s Best Breasts” BDSM Modeling Competition

Producer: Soft on Demand (2009)

Tired of sex with the same hookers and escorts every week, a horny group of Japanese salarymen devise a new pastime. They hire a mama-san to round up a set of beautiful amateur women from every walk of life: nurses, secretaries, athletes and students, et cetera. The game: to identify, and endlessly fondle, the best pair of breasts in Japan. Continue reading ““Japan’s Best Breasts” BDSM Modeling Competition”

How to Practice Bondage Safely: A Video Tutorial

Most of our photos and videos are intended for entertainment purposes only. Today’s feature is a little different.

Hogtied has released a new instructional series, on how to practice bondage safely. It’s educational, but don’t worry: you’ll enjoy it.

In this set of high-definition videos, expert Matt Williams from Kink.com walks you through his favorite rope ties and positions. Continue reading “How to Practice Bondage Safely: A Video Tutorial”