The Story of Cherry Torn, Professional Sex Slave

Selections from Cherry Torn’s public diaries…


Master: The short answer is I picked her up as a stray…

I first became aware of the pigdog in April 2004, I found her profile on a kink personals website. She was with a guy, and I was just getting together with another girl (who I had met on the same site). We chatted a bit via instant messenger. She seemed ok, but we were both committed to other people, and neither of us were too impressed with the others partner. We occasionally typed a quick “hey, how’s life?”, until one day she disappeared offline.

A couple of months later, she reappeared, messaged me out of the blue…Within 15 minutes we were arranging to meet up and “probably fuck”.

She was way hotter than her pictures. I once spotted her in town, before we met (I didn’t say hello), so I knew that already… She was shy. It took her a few days to open up, but when she did… Wow. I’d just never been with someone so submissive. So at ease with their submission, and comfortable with it. So ready for it.

Pigdog: I love being a slave. I love being controlled. I could give you some deep spiritual reason for why i do the things i do, but I’d be making it up. I do it because it’s hot.


In the interest of expanding my modeling work we decided that I should change my name to something more suitable for multiple genres. Add a pun, and there you have it; Cherry Torn is born


So… I live in San Francisco now. How insane is that? We’ve been planning and saving and dealing with immigration for over a year just to be here.

We were recommended a couple of clubs, but unlike back in the UK it’s slim party pickings for under 21’s here. We may have to wait until my birthday in the middle of the summer to get really into the party scene. We went out to a dungeon / play club Saturday night and met an interesting guy, went back to his place to chill and chat, but things ended up getting a bit crazy.

I have another shoot planned with Device Bondage. I’m going to be a decoration model for a live feed. That basically means I hang around in a cage for 7 hours, being taken out and abused intermittently when the main model needs a break. It sounds interesting and…challenging


Now you probably know that I suck Mister Torn’s dick on camera pretty regularly, but as a general rule I don’t do boy/girl porn type activities (read: sucking / fucking dicks) on film with anyone else. Despite Mister being fine with the idea, it’s just not very often something I feel comfortable doing. However this time in NY I decided I’d make an exception.

Part of the thrill of porn and sex work in general is seeing just what I’ll do for money. The question now is will I suck cock for other producers? Well, we’ll just have to see won’t we? It’s certainly tempting

“I have never been molested, raped, addicted to drugs or alcohol, disowned by any family member, or forced to do anything in porn that I didn’t want to do. That doesn’t put me in as small a subset of porn performers as you might think. I like my life and have no moral guilt about it.

I love my work, it makes people happy, and anyone offended by it doesn’t need to be exposed to it if they don’t want to.”


I need to make a little announcement. On Monday, Mister Torn and I started fulltime jobs at, working on The Upper Floor project. Officially our titles are “underbutler” and “house slave”. We are working with James Mogul to get TUF up and running.

This was my first shoot as a Kink employee and it’s a little weird not walking away with a check in hand. Not to mention having to go back in to work tomorrow. Also that I now say things like “go to work”. This is my first ever fulltime day job y’all, it’s pretty strange stuff to someone who’s used to not even taking off their pajamas most days. I work in a porno castle and it’s surreal!


Whats next! That’s the question everyone is asking after I tell them my contract with The Upper Floor is almost over. And believe me I am including myself in that. In theory the answer is simple: back to sticking my grubby hands in as many pies as possible. What’s not decided at this point is if I’ll be doing webcam shows and if there’s a place for me in the vanilla porn world. One of those is surely a yes! Which one it will be only time will tell at this point