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We only received one valid entry for our blog carnival, celebrating the best in erotic art posts. Enjoy…


Milky Baby
…Jukujoya/Yoshinoya deliver on the same theme: fast, convenient, and good. The word associated with Jukujo, or ripe women who are in their 30s,40s, and 50s, is now gaining a little attention on the internet. Before I came to Japan the term itself was taboo and people rarely talked about it, but because of my overindulgence in it, I have created a small niche into my blog for it. As I have stated before, the Jukujo, Jizake, natural hot springs, and Shrines are the greatest representation of Japan for me. These are the most quintessential elements that define Japan for me mainly because they are the most substantive and pure. This also included the visual and literary Arts, too.

(The model in the above picture is the one I sucked milk from).

Delivery health is a growing industry in Japan which has a primary focus of providing timely delivery sex services at reasonable prices. If you are the type of person who has a very strong attachment to a certain body part, like in my case where I love legs, ass, and breast, then specialty services like delivery health may be right up your alley…

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