New Hybrid Car Powered by Female Orgasms

Producer: Soft on Demand (2009)

TOKYO–Earlier this week, Japan’s top perverted scientists announced a breakthrough in alternative energy research. After years of experimentation, they have successfully developed an engine powered exclusively by female orgasms.

This zero-pollution energy source promises to reduce the country’s carbon footprint, while simultaneously increasing female pleasure by over 85 percent, said Hiroshi Shibari, chief engineer at Hentai Automotive Group.

Hentai filmed a recent prototype test with some of Japan’s most famous adult actresses: Kokomi Naruse, Kana Miura, Suzuka Ishikawa, Manami Murasaki and Maria Ozawa. Each woman was stripped and tied down onto a remote controlled go-kart, to be raced around a track while being furiously penetrated by mechanical dildos. Cameras stationed all around the track, and mounted directly on the karts caught all the action.

Don’t believe it? Watch the DVD and see for yourself.