Outdoor Exhibitionism and Petplay with a Skinny Brunette Bitch

Queensnake is one of our favorite bitches. She is a webmaster, a model and fitness buff, an exhibitionist, and an all-around good time. Here she describes her last petplay photoshoot…

The snow started to melt, it was about +1 Celsius (34 F), the sun was shining, it was a perfect time to play in the snow.

I prepared the leash, the ball, the chain, the rubber bands, the leather belts and the cam of course and put them into my backpack.

As we arrived the right place, I took off my clothes and my master put the leash on my neck. As a warming up game he leashed me for a while in the snow, I was his puppy that needed to be trained. Being barefoot in the snow wasn’t new for me, but this time it wasn’t so easy to tolerate the cold. As I was crawling on all fours, I felt unbearable pain in my legs especially in my toes and my knees and in my fingers…It was cruel but my training had just begun.

I tried to resist and escape but he pushed me down again and again, and I had to keep on crawling…I felt that I wouldn’t be able to finish my job, but I wanted to prove my strength to my master and to myself…

If you’ve never seen petplay video in Full HD–or if you’ve never seen a naked woman making sweet love to a snowman–visit Queensnake’s website.