Our Top Asian Fetish Movies of 2010

Despite everything you hear about American exceptionalism, there is no question that all the best fetish movies are made in Japan. We regret the legally required censorship, but it is compensated for by their unparalleled levels of kinky creativity.

Hundreds, if not thousands of adult DVDs are released in Asia every year. From those, we select a few of the most exciting fetish and petplay films to feature and review on Nude Pet Girls. If you missed any of them in 2010, we recommend these as the best. Click on any movie title for more information, images, or video clips.

Marika is Our Classroom Bitch Pet

Petgirl Training Service

Puppygirl Obedience Training Cafe

Woman With Pierced Nipples

Nude Asian Girls Ranch 2

Did we miss your favorite of the year 2010? Looking forward to anything in 2011?  Let us know.

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